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Dual nanoresonators for ultrasensitive chiral detectionACS Photonics (2021) PDF
Exciton diffusion and annihilation in nanophotonic Purcell landscapesUnder review (2020) arXiv
Contrast in spin-valley polarization due to
competing indirect transitions in WS2 and WSe2
Under review (2020) arXiv
Effective negative diffusion of singlet excitons in organic semiconductorsJ Phys Chem Lett (2021) PDF
Correlated exciton fluctuations in a two-dimensional semiconductor on a metalNano Letters (2020) PDFundefined
Defect engineering in few-layer black phosphorus for tunable and photostable infrared emissionOptical Materials Express (2020) PDF
Collective Mie exciton-polaritons in an atomically thin semiconductorJ of Physical Chemistry C (2020) PDF
Exciton-polaritons with magnetic and electric character in all-dielectric metasurfacesACS Photonics (2020) PDF
Enhanced light emission by magnetic and electric resonances in dielectric metasurfacesAdvanced Optical Materials (2020) PDFundefined
Chirality in evanescent fields: conditions, limits and guidelinesSPIE Europe 2020, Conference presentation video
Anisotropic infrared light emission from quasi-1D layered TiS32D Materials (2019) PDF
Conditions for enhancing chiral nanophotonics near achiral nanoparticlesACS Photonics (2019) PDF
Low-temperature phase-controlled synthesis of titanium di- and tri-sulfide by atomic layer depositionChemistry of Materials (2019) PDF
Preserving the emission lifetime and efficiency of a monolayer semiconductor upon transferAdvanced Optical Materials (2019) PDFundefined
Limits to strong coupling of excitons in multilayer WS2 with collective plasmonic resonancesACS Photonics (2019) PDFundefined
Confining light to the atomic scaleNature Nanotechnology (2018) PDFundefined
Optical emission near a high-impedance mirrorNature Communications (2018) PDF
Silicon Mie resonators for highly directional light emission from monolayer MoS2Nature Photonics (2018) PDFundefined

Selected publications

  • Conditions for enhancing chiral nanophotonics near achiral nanoparticles, ACS Photonics
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  • Directional emission of monolayer MoS2 with Si nanoantennas, Nature Photon.
  • Broadband and polarization-sensitive black phosphorus photodetectors, Nature Nanotech.
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  • Multipolar radiation of quantum emitters with nanowire optical antennas, Nature Communications
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