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Thanks to an ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council, we will perform the project CHANSON on chiral semiconductor nanophotonics. We will push the limits of sensitivity and resolution in chiral molecular detection using semiconductor nanostructures. Deeply grateful to my team for helping me in laying its foundations. We have PhD and postdoc openings, […]

Welcome Bingying

We welcome Bingying You as a PhD student in our lab. Her work contributes to our research line in layered semiconductors for nanophotonics.

Farewell Raziman

Postdoc Raziman TV leaves the group to work at Imperial College. Thank you Raziman for all your contributions to chiral nanophotonics and to exciton nanophotonics! Here is a snapshot of our farewell dinner with part of the group on campus and part online.

Congrats Lex for your Master thesis

We congratulate Lex Dedding for successfully defending his Master Graduation Project at TU/e in our team. Thank you for your contributions to our research on chiral nanophotonics. We wish you much success during your Master internship and beyond!

Congrats Peter for your BEP

We congratulate Peter Visser for successfully defending his Bachelor End Project at TU/e in our team. Thank you for your contributions to our research on exciton diffusion and annihilation. We wish you much success during your Master studies!

Dual resonators in ACS Photonics

Check out our work on dual nanoresonators and metasurfaces for ultrasensitive chiral detection in ACS Photonics. Congrats Ershad! Update July 2021: our article made it to the top of most read articles of the month!

Farewell Marzieh

Visiting PhD student Marzieh Shamsaddini completed his research stay in our team giving a big push to our research on chiral nanophotonics. Stay tuned for interesting publications!

Congrats Juan for your BEP

We congratulate Juan Boschero for successfully defending his Bachelor End Project at TU/e in our team. Thank you for your contributions to our research on chiral metasurfaces. We wish you much success during your Master studies!


Alberto has received tenure, becoming permanent academic staff after less than 4 years in the tenure track at TU/e. Thank you to the team for making it happen!

Sweeping the infrared with black phosphorus

The band gap of black phosphorus depends strongly on the number of layers and covers wavelengths from 720 to 4000 nm from monolayer to bulk, but only in discrete steps and suffering from poor photostability. In our recent Optical Materials Express, we demonstrate tunable and stable infrared emission from defect states in few-layer BP. First, […]

Silicon surface lattice resonances

In collaboration with the group of Jaime Gómez Rivas, we have recently reported surface lattice resonances in arrays of silicon nanoantennas to enhance light-matter interaction. The wealth of resonances of the individual dielectric nanoparticles allowed us to see collective resonances with both electric and magnetic dipole character. We demonstrated enhanced light emission and strong light-matter […]

Photonics Society Eindhoven

Photonics Society Eindhoven (PhE) ( was born in 2019 as a PhD student organization to promote professional development, scientific outreach, and academic-industrial liaison around Photonics in Eindhoven. As faculty advisor, I want to take the opportunity to thank the PhDs of the Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics departments that are making these stimulating activities possible: […]

Welcome Ershad

Ershad Mohammadi has recently started as a postdoctoral researcher in the Nano-Optics lab at TU/e. His work focuses on chiral and spin nanophotonics.

Anisotropic infrared TiS3, in 2D Materials

Only a few van der Waals semiconductors emitting light at mid-infrared telecom wavelengths have been demonstrated so far. Examples are black phosphorus or molybdenum ditelluride, but they suffer from photostability issues. In our recent article “Anisotropic infrared light emission from quasi-one-dimensional layered TiS3“, by Ali Khatibi and colleagues, we demonstrate that titanium trisulfide is a […]

Most read in ACS Photonics

Our recent article “Conditions for enhancing chiral nanophotonics near achiral nanoparticles” has made it to the top of the most read articles in ACS Photonics for the last month (November and December 2019). The article proposes conditions, guidelines, and limits to exploit evanescent fields near nanostructures for chiral applications. Circularly polarized light is the basis […]

Chiral evanescent waves in ACS Photonics

Enhancing the intensity of chiral fields with nanophotonic structures? Yes, but conditions and limits apply for maximum chirality. See our article “Conditions for Enhancing Chiral Nanophotonics near Achiral Nanoparticles” in ACS Photonics.

Quality control for processed 2D semiconductors

Making optoelectronic and nanophotonic devices out of monolayer semiconductors requires processing of these fragile 2D materials. Usual processes involve creating heterostructures, transferring to a different substrate, or encapsulation in a dielectric superstrate. Together with our TU/e collaborators, we have used fluorescence lifetime imaging to check the quality of WS2 after different processing steps. We find […]

Welcome Sara

Sara Elrafey has recently started her PhD in the Nano-Optics@TU/e team. Her thesis focuses on 2D semiconductors for Nanophotonics.

Limits to strong coupling, in ACS Photonics

Our collaboration with the groups of Jaime Gómez Rivas (TU/e) and Bjorn Maes (University of Mons, BE) is now published in ACS Photonics. We demonstrate experimentally and theoretically that strong light-matter coupling between excitons in 2D semiconductors and arrays of metal nanoparticles reaches saturation due to dielectric screening as the thickness of the semiconductor increases. […]

NWO START-UP grant awarded!

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a START-UP grant to TU/e Assistant Professor Alberto G. Curto at the Department of Applied Physics and the Institute for Photonic Integration. The NWO START-UP grant “gives new principal investigators the opportunity to refine their creative, high-risk ideas, to establish a basis for future research themes, […]


Alberto G. Curto – Bio


E-mail A.G.Curto [at] Mail address (letters) Alberto Gonzalez Curto Postbus 513, Flux 2.104 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands Mail address (packages) Alberto Gonzalez Curto De Rondom 70, Flux 2.104, Dep. Applied Physics 5612 AP Eindhoven, The Netherlands Visitors’ address Google Maps Eindhoven University of Technology, Dept. Applied Physics Groene Loper 19, Flux building, Room […]

Magnetic mirrors in Nature Communications

Our article Optical emission near a high-impedance mirror, now published in Nature Communications. By nanostructuring a silver film, we show that it is possible to suppress surface plasmon excitation (a loss mechanism in organic LEDs) while having maximum emission. The results lead to metallic electrodes with lower losses.

Our lab

Our lab specializes in nanophotonic structures made of bulk and atomically thin semiconductors. Our main techniques are: Confocal fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy, covering the visible, near infrared, and mid-infrared. Hyperspectral imaging (fluorescence, Raman, reflection, transmission). Fluorescence lifetime and photon correlation measurements. Polarization-resolved fluorescence, with linear or circular polarization. Back focal plane imaging with polarization resolution […]

More Photonics in Eindhoven

Good news for Photonics @ TU/e: the recently approved “National Plan for Integrated Photonics” will strengthen our ecosystem. Together with local companies and the university, several government bodies (national, regional, and local) are investing heavily in a clear bet for the Photonics industry. Very glad to see “Fotonica” on the cover of a local newspaper, […]

Congrats Wouter and Moos for their BEPs

We congratulate Moos Müller and Wouter Peeters for defending their Bachelor End Projects at TU/e, both carried out in our team. Thank you for your contributions to our research on quantum emitters and on chirality. We wish you much success during your Master studies!

Farewell Ali

PhD student Ali Khatibi completed his research stay in our team, contributing big progress on infrared-emitting van der Waals materials. We wish you all the best for graduation!

News & Views in Nature Nanotech.

In our News and Views article “Confining light to the atomic scale”, we describe the recent demonstration of squeezing light into a sub-nanometric gap using a combination of conventional metals and graphene.

Directional MoS2 in Nature Photonics

Our article about silicon nanoantennas for directional light emission, using monolayer MoS2 as an atomically flat and ultrathin source, now published in Nature Photonics

MSc and BSc projects

We are looking for Bachelor and Master students for final projects on several topics related to Nano-Optics, Nanophotonics, and atomically thin semiconductors. You can see here a full list of research projects offered by the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group. Additional topics can be discussed depending on student interests. The Bachelor End projects are available […]